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Expansión internacional, Investigación, desarrollo e innovación, Procedimientos de calidad, servicios integrados en Arquitectura, Ingeniería y Construcción.


PROYECO designs and develops projects that combine beauty, functionality and innovative design of spaces with a continuous application of new technologies, both in construction techniques and new materials.  


In this area PROYECO aims Projects Drafting, so conducts its works basically in Concept, Basic and Execution Projects Writing, for industrial building, tertiary, endowment and residential but not leaving aside Engineering Projects and Facilities under more complex projects, Activity Projects, Commercial Conditioning, Interior Projects, Implementation Projects.


All of this allows our team to offer a complete ended product and perfectly adapted to the needs of the client, from the first implantation through the design of the Project and ending with the construction management, always aiming to advice the clients and to achieve their requirements, as well as the technical specifications and the established deadlines.