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Expansión internacional, Investigación, desarrollo e innovación, Procedimientos de calidad, servicios integrados en Arquitectura, Ingeniería y Construcción.



The knowledge acquired over the years as to the needs and operation of Industrial Buildings gives to PROYECO the necessary experience to deal with any type, whether  specialized work factories, workshops, airports, logistics centers, food industries, etc.


Great companies and Brands have entrusted us their study methodology, we have helped them in the development and implementation of its corporate image, as well as in the implementation of their service to the national and international level, with specialized projects and specific solutions for everyone, always betting for the continuous technological innovation and technical excellence.


 It is worth highlight Automotive sector companies, Logistics, Airport Service, Transport, Food, Services, Finance, Healthcare, Communications, Energy, Chemical,...


> Factories and Indust. Premises

> Workshops

> Airports

> Logistic Centers

> Food Industries